Wednesday, October 1, 2014

First try, forgive me!

Staying in a hotel with a kitchen and a nice stove will definitely push you to make something nice and kinda fancy (#paandar). So I decided to rush to SM Baguio to find something worth preparing and easy to cook. 

We went directly to the meat section and tried our luck to find a nice cut of beef for  steak. There's not much options so we decided to grab the rib eye cut. 

As we always watch Master Chef Australia, I always see them cooking steak and they made it sooo easy (apparently not) lol. 

So I seasoned my steak with salt and pepper (as usual) with garlic and pan fry it with vegetable oil. 

Looking at some guides online and remembering the things that Gordon did when he thought the contestants in Master Chef USA were easy, but it's really hard to say if its well done, medium rare etc. 

I saw this pictures online:


This how you test and identify beef steak doneness (I found these after I tried making one. Haha). 

Here are the ingredients I used for the side dishes. 

And here is the finish product... Tuhduh!

(without filter)

(with filter to make it Instagramable, haha)

Kinda tough. Now I know how to make it tender. Next time I'll post my second try and I'll make sure its way better than this. 

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