Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Can't Eat...

I have a lot of friends and i can definitely say that they are all considering me as their shoulder to cry on or at least someone they can talk to and listen to their emotional roller-coaster kinda love. Some says "I've been through a lot and by far this is the most challenging relationship i have ever had, I cannot function correctly, I cannot think straight, I think I'm gonna die, Its the end of the world!" Those are the statements I can understand because i said that myself, but there's this one statement that I don't know if its true. "I CAN'T EAT".

I love food (well that's why this blog is existing), I love making people happy with my food, I love satisfying the cravings of the people around me with my food, I like people appreciating the food I serve, I love exploring different cultures to help me be more exposed and knowledgeable and apply it on my recipes. That's why I don't know if i will ever say that 3 words.

In my 29 years of existence, I have been through a lot specially being with someone you love. There are happy moments and of course there are break ups. This past few weeks I've been emotional drained with whats happening with my life. There are a lot of things occurring at the same time and it really hits you hard (sagad to the bones). Its hard to wake up in the morning, lazy to go to work, do nothing in the office, cry all day, go home and stare at the walls then  YOU CANNOT EAT. There I said it "I CANNOT EAT".  Like what I mentioned, I don't understand this statement because it is hard to believe that you cannot eat the entire day. Your body needs fuel to go on with your life and daily routine but i experienced it myself. "Ganun pala ang feeling nun" you tried eating the food that you like, you tried ordering in your favorite restaurants, you tried going out with friends to help you get that appetite but there's no chance on finishing that food served to you. EVERYTHING tastes bitter, you cant even swallow it and there are times that you just wanna throw up and cry. You don't feel hungry at all even though that you haven't eaten anything yet, you don't feel hungry, you don't feel putting anything in your mouth (literally).

This is for the people who loved and who is loving someone so badly that they will give everything to make that person happy and were able to manage to get through the ups and downs of the relationship, I salute and commend you! It is hard, I know, you just have to experience this to help you become a stronger person and shape you as an individual to love unconditionally.