Saturday, July 11, 2015

Buffalo Wild Wings

So it was a Saturday night and we have nowhere to go or nothing in mind. We decided to do "Tita's Night Out". Our friend just came from a food tasting from Pink Panda.

We went to Estancia Mall, Oranbo, Pasig City or most people knows this place as Capitol Commons. 

We tried the Buffalo Wild Wings. We saw this few times before, lots of customers and they're drinking. Seems like a cool place to hang out and just chill. 

Of course we tried their Buffalo Wings!

We ordered the small sized wings, about 10 pcs. You have an option if you want them to mix the sauce or just dip it once served. Because I want to try how their chicken wings taste like we opted to have it as a dip instead. They'll ask you to pick 2 dips of your choice from their list. 

(Not my picture)

We tried Lemon Pepper and the person who assisted us recommended the Honey BBQ. 

The Lemon Pepper is good. I like the saltiness and the citrus flavor of the lemon. The Honey BBQ sauce is the traditional BBQ sauce that is not spicy so you can still taste the flavor of the chicken wings itself. They will serve the wings with celery and Carrot sticks with this nice dip. Note that it's also good to dip the wings into the Blue Cheeze with the pinch of Lemon Pepper!

I first tried their Original Mojito (no picture). It was okay, I like the unlimited Mojito in Friday's better. Then I ordered the Bahama Mama. This is good! I recommend this drink all night! They serve local and imported beers too. 

Then to top the "Tita's Night Out" we ordered Chocolate Fudge Cake. This is heaven! The cake is so moist and sweetness level is not overwhelming. The vanilla ice cream balanced it all with the caramel sauce. 

Try to visit their website at also check their happy hour offers  Monday to Thursday until 7PM, when beers (pale, light, brew kettle) is 55php only. 

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