Saturday, May 26, 2018

Everything Happens For a Reason

"Everything will soon fall into its own rightful place, in its own time and at its own pace. No amount of rushing will make things happen any quicker. Patience is the name of the game. Never force anything, whatever will be, will be!"

There are a lot of things that we don't understand why it happened or why it is happening... but i believe that Everything Happens For a Reason. It can be something about Love, Career, Family or Life in general. 

In the past few months I faced challenges that no one can imagine that it will all happen at the same time. Those things made me question why I deserve life, I even asked myself if it's my karma. I’m a Cancer and based on what I know we are highly sensitive people and take every bit very seriously, so every time I'm alone in my apartment I always have idle time to think and absorb what’s happening and/or what happened. This is my initial step in addressing my so called Anxiety. I overthink things, I revisit point A to point B and even look at possible outcomes if that did not happen.

Still, I know that this doesn’t make it feel any better, but we all have different ways on how to deal with things, that’s how I react to it naturally. I once talked to by close friend and we were discussing how we are getting older and wiser.

He posted this on my account;

"To the strongest person in our group... Life may throw you a hundred reasons to be knocked down but you always find a thousand more to get back up. I always admire you for facing life head on. To think I have had enough of life's fuckery, and yet here you are, carrying more serious burden than mine. You handle things gracefully as ever. Continue to be an inspiration. There is still more to life! Let us live life off the beaten tracks."

"To all of us, things always happen for a reason. We can make it through all of life's toil. Just keep the faith and everything else will follow!"

It warms my heart because I never see that in me until he said that. That gave me strength to get back up and treat things differently. We are so afraid of failure that we spend most of our lives running from it or being miserable and get sympathy from social media, when, in fact, it should be embraced and welcomed. We will never learn from success. We will never improve if we are always living on a quick fix. There is true strength and progress to gain just outside of our comfort zone.

Here are 5 things that worked for me facing challenges in life:
  • Surround yourself with good friends. They will understand and support you all the way. They are your chosen family. They will provide perspective outside the circle to help you realize things better. They are the most authentic and transparent people in your life.
  • Be positive in life.  Think of good things, treat every challenge as your guide to be a better person and help you be more mature dealing with things. This will mold you to be stronger and wiser. Moving forward, once you faced the same challenge, you already know how to properly deal with that. It may not be the best resolution but at least you already know where to start.
  • Don't overthink. I know its easier said than done but this makes everything more confusing and frustrating. Shit happens! so move forward... you cant turn back in time and make changes. 
  • Set your priorities. Focus on the things that are more important, it can be anything that matters to you the most. This will allow you to be more efficient doing the last item on my list...
  • Focus on the controllable items. This is making a good use of your precious time and energy. Inevitable things will not help you move forward. Address the things that you can do something about rather than sitting alone in the dark being miserable cos you cannot do anything about it.

"Progress not Perfection..." Keep in mind that you will NEVER face such challenges if you cannot deal with that. It all happens for a reason, it is our job to identify how we can gracefully resolve every bits of it. Stand up and work you ass off and never forget to SMILE… J

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