Thursday, November 6, 2014

Quick Bite at Tiyo's

It's the end of my shift and we decided to have a quick bite. I asked my office mate if she knows any good restaurant in Marikina but I don't want it too expensive. She immediately suggested Tiyo's Cuisine by Chef and Brewer in Marikina.

It seems like it's an old house converted into a nice cozy restaurant. The inside is nice but for the "people like us" who smokes we prefer the patio part beside the parking space. Yes, they have their own parking space! Yay!

Here's their menu:

It's not that expensive and wait until they serve their pastas!

So first we ordered the Liver Bacon. It's chicken liver wrapped with bacon and deep fry it. They will serve it with this delicious vinegar (taste like Lucban Vinegar). 

It's nice but u can't finish 2 in a row. Lol. I wish there's a sauce that will make it more moist. It's kinda dry but it's interesting. I can probably make one at home. (wink)

Now the pastas!

I ordered the Seafood in Dry White Wine. It's HUGE! It seems like a couple can share it (assuming that this is a date, lol). 

It's delish! There's a good amount of prawns. They served it with this two slices of toasted bread but it could have been better if it was a garlic toast to compliment the Pasta. 

And my friend ordered the Pasta Longganiza:

Consistent with the servings. A lot of home made Longganiza (taste like Lucban Longganiza) and normal tomatoes and onions. 

Over all we are satisfied with the experience and most likely to go back and try the other dishes. 

Nice place + accommodating staff + good food = satisfied customers. 

Here are their details:

  1. San Roque 29 Almond Nut St., Marikina East Subdivision, San Roque. Marikina City, Philippines

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